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BronchAtlas for iPhone and Android
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The Essential Bronchoscopist
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The Essential EBUS Bronchoscopist
The Essential EBUS Bronchoscopist eBook
EBUS Assessment Tools
EBUS Checklists
(Spanish) The Essential EBUS Bronchoscopist eBook
(Spanish) EBUS Assessment Tools
(Spanish) EBUS Checklists
(Italian) The Essential EBUS Bronchoscopist eBook

The Essential Conventional TBNA Bronchoscopist
The Essential cTBNA Bronchoscopist for BI

Bronchoscopy Assessment Tools and BSTAT Quiz:
Self Assessment Tool© (BSAT)
Skills and Tasks Assessment Tool© (BSTAT)
Stepwise Evaluation Tool©
Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step Checklist Tool
Ultrasound Guided Thoracentesis Assessment Tool (UGSTAT)
Endobronchial Ultrasound Skills and Tasks Assessment Tool (EBUS STAT Checklist)
EBUS-STAT Quiz Questions
(Spanish) Broncoscopia Flexible. Herramientas de Evaluación
(Spanish) Broncoscopia Flexible. Checklist

Patient Education:
Stent Medical Alert for BI©


1. A competency-based test of bronchoscopic knowledge using the Essential Bronchoscopist: an initial concept study.

Describes how the 186 test items of the web-based Essential Bronchoscopist were evaluated by 30 junior and senior bronchoscopists in Argentina and the US, and 150 of them were found to contain necessary or absolutely necessary knowledge by 80% or more of the participants. view

2. Validation of two instruments to assess technical bronchoscopic skill using virtual reality simulation.

A high-fidelity VR platform is used to validate two instruments used to test technical bronchoscopic skill: the Bronchoscopy Skills and Tasks Assessment Tool (BSTAT) tests the operator while performing a standard diagnostic bronchoscopy, while the Bronchoscopy Stepwise Evaluation Tool (BSET) tests the operator while systematically going through the Bronchoscopy Step-By-Step exercises. view

3. Realistic and affordable lo-fidelity model for learning bronchoscopic transbronchial needle aspiration.

A low-cost airway model is developed for learning TBNA, and its realism and effectiveness in teaching  TBNA techniques and communication skills is validated based on the consensus of perceptions among  12 participants. view

4. Bronchoscopy simulation: a brief review.

An overview of the available literature on the use of simulation in bronchoscopy education, systematically assessing what each study covers and contributes to the field, and showing how this limited yet valuable body of work lays a foundation for the future use of simulator-based bronchoscopy training. view

5. Reliability of a 25-item low-stakes multiple-choice assessment of bronchoscopic knowledge.

Describes the methodology of validating bronchoscopy test items  derived from the Essential Bronchoscopist, using the items found to contain the most necessary knowledge in a previous study [see 1 above]. view

6. EBUS-STAT Subscore Analysis to Predict the Efficacy and Assess the Validity of Virtual Reality Simulation for EBUS-TBNA Training Among Experienced Bronchoscopists.

Identifies a baseline score using EBUS-STAT below which simulation training in endobronchial ultrasound is essential and necessary for climbing the learning curve. view