Our Certified and Master Instructors strongly believe in the democratization (some call it a liberalization) of knowledge. This is why our learning materials are available for free, translated into multiple languages, and readily used in diverse medical environments. In recent years, more than 25 training programs have been held around the world, reaching more than 200 physician leaders and almost 1000 physicians-in-training. Partnering with The World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology and regional medical societies, our multidimensional Fundamentals of Bronchoscopy curriculum includes a Train the Trainer program to help physicians improve their skills using objective assessments, role-playing exercises, case-based learning (practical approach studies), checklists, step-by-step technical skill training,  motivational presentations, instructional videos, mobile platforms, interactive and reversed classroom instruction, inanimate and computer simulation, and learner-centric education philosophies. Educational materials include:

  1. The Essential Bronchoscopist© series of eBooks and interactive presentations.
  2. Competency-oriented Bronchoscopy Assessment Tools, Checklists, and Simulation scenarios.
  3. Bronchoscopy Step-by-step instruction using computer-based simulations and inanimate models.
  4. Small group sessions, role-playing exercises, communication skills practice, and competency testing.
  5. Practical Approach case-based studies to enhance clinical judgement and case analysis.
  6. Mentoring and instruction using Heads-on/Hands-off instructional techniques.
  7. YouTube instructional videos (BronchOrg channel).
  8. Our University on an iPad collection of bronchoscopy simulations (BronchPilot Anatomy, BronchPilot EBUS, and BronchPilot Virtual).

For an overview, please see “Curriculum for Learning Flexible Bronchoscopy” presentation.

The Essential Bronchoscopist©
This series of question-answer modules  enhance the acquisition of bronchoscopy-related factual knowledge. The Essential Flexible Bronchoscopist©, The Essential EBUS Bronchoscopist©, and The Essential cTBNA Bronchoscopist© are available for download on this website, as well as in Kindle or Hardcopy at COMING SOON is The Essential Intensivist Bronchoscopist©
Art Of Bronchoscopy©
This series of PowerPoint presentations focuses on Fundamentals (BAL, Bx, Brush, TBLB, and cTBNA) .
BronchAtlas PowerPoint©
A collection of slideshows and PDF files on a variety of clinical issues and airway disorders.
BronchAtlas© Video Series for iPhone and Android
A PDF eBook collection of ten bronchoscopy-related problems with solutions and linked YouTube video-files.
Bronchoscopy Step by Step©
A series of short exercises to learn and improve technical skills in the same way you learns to dance, practice a sport, or play a musical instrument. A written description of the exercises can be dowloaded, as well as a poster, an explanative PowerPoint presentation, and demonstrative YouTube videos on our BronchOrg YouTube video channel.

Bronchoscopy Assessment Tools©
Testing is to teaching what tasting is to cooking. These validated assessment tools objectively measure technical skill and progress along the bronchoscopy learning curve.

Practical (Four Box) Approach©
Clinical case scenarios and slide presentations focused on strategy and planning, techniques and results, and response to complications. Exercises enhance cognitive, technical, affective, and experiential knowledge of procedure-related medicine.