Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you create Bronchoscopy International?
    Bronchoscopy International was created to provide an environment of free participation for people from different cultures and experiences. We give a voice to those who may not have a voice within highly structured academic environments and without the strict requirements of an academic affiliation or organizational membership and hierarchy.
  • Your mission statement is vague and applies to all health care providers. Is that intentional?
    Yes, our mission statement is intentionally a bit vague and applies to all health care providers. We believe that doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, hospital and clinic administrators, educators, transport people, information technology professionals and all other personnel involved in health care should be able to work together and share their different points of view in order to improve patient care and decrease the patient’s suffering.
  • Who pays for your website development?
    The Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine, a nonprofit 501-3C foundation registered in San Diego, California has provided resources to cover website development.
  • How can I join bronchoscopy international?
    To be part of Bronchoscopy International, all you need to do is contribute ideas, resources, case studies, presentations, bronchoscopic images and videos or any other educational resources which enhance mission.
  • Is there any corporate sponsorship?
    There is no official corporate sponsorship of our activities. However, we are being assisted by various individuals and academic institutions who share our vision regarding free access to education and knowledge.
  • Does Bronchoscopy International compete with other national and international organizations?
    No. Bronchoscopy International is a group of spontaneous contributors who work together without hierarchy. Our objectives are not the same as those of structured organizations. We strive to promote the free exchange of information and interest in teaching and learning bronchoscopy. We also hope to enhance cooperative efforts within and between national and international organizations. Our resources and ideas are at the free disposal of any and all individuals and organizations without any membership requirements.
  • Is it free to use the Essential Bronchoscopist and other educational tools?
    Yes, the EB is absolutely free. We believe in open access to educational items. In this way we do our small part contributing to globalization and democratization of knowledge. We hope that health care providers can use these tools to improve their procedural skills and thus relieve patients of the burdens of procedure-related training.