Tom Sutedja M.D., PhD.

Vrije Universiteit Medical Center
Amsterdam – the Netherlands
Phone: 31 – 20 – 444 2884
Fax: 31- 20- 444 4328
Email: tg.sutedja {AT] vumc [DOT]  nl

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Dr. Sutedja moved to the Netherlands during the aftermath of the 1965 political turmoil, during his high school period at the Jesuit College Canisius. He studied medicine at the Catholic University in Nijmegen from 1973 – 1980. From his 1st year as a student in the department of Physiology, he was involved in pulmonary physiology and clinical research activities until his graduation; participating in a clinical research summer student exchange program at the Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake, New York and Dartmouth College New Hampshire. He also completed a Tropical Medicine course at the Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam and served as a volunteer medical house officer in Mwanza, Tanzania.

After completing his pulmonary specialty training at St. Antonius Heart and Lung Institute in 1985, he spent a year as a clinical research fellow at the Royal Hammersmith Hospital in London, UK. In 1987, he joined the staff of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine Vrije Universiteit Medical Center, obtaining his PhD degree in 1995. During that time he also served as a consultant at the Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoekhuis for interventional pulmonology and thoracic oncology.

Dr. Sutedja has devoted most of his career to the study of lung cancer. He is a known opinion leader and researcher with numerous papers devoted to early lung cancer detection, and the use of optical technologies. As a member of numerous national and international organizations, including the European Respiratory Society and the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), he lecturers widely and is also a sought after teacher and instructor at international respiratory seminars and courses. Dr. Sutedja is currently Senior Lecturer and Academic Chief Consultant in Thoracic Oncology and Pulmonary Medicine, responsible for tertiary referral clinical services, also working with and educating pulmonary trainees, post-doctoral and PhD students and performing research in lung carcinogenesis and minimally invasive early interventional techniques.

Selected recent publications

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