Promoting global health through medical education

     Bronchoscopy International Foundation for the Advancement of Medicine promotes global health through medical education. Our group of expert Interventional Pulmonologists conducts training programs around the world. Our goal is to eliminate patient suffering from procedure-related medical training, and to assure that chest physicians have equal access to knowledge and technical skill regardless of where they practice.
     To eliminate patient suffering caused by unequal levels of physician expertise and on-the-job medical training.
–   To build a cadre of Certified and Master instructors skilled at using motivational presentation techniques, simulation, checklists, problem-based learning, step-by-step instruction, and objective measurements to assure procedural competency.
–   To design and distribute learning materials that help doctors become better teachers and patient-care providers.
–   To provide alternatives so that patients no longer suffer from medical procedure-related training.
–   To blend cultural differences, institutional practice biases, and individual levels of expertise in order to achieve a common vision: a more uniform, standardized collection of knowledge and technical skill that will accelerate the use of interventional technologies to the benefit of patients around the world.

Mastery of fundamental skills is key to expanding the scope of bronchoscopic practice around the world. We need to act NOW.

Henri Colt MD, FCCP, FAWM Immediate Past-chair, WABIP

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 In partnership with The World  Association for Bronchology and  Interventional Pulmonology, more than 25 programs have been conducted  around the world in the last five years.

The Essential Bronchoscopist©
Series  of books and The Bronchoscopy Education Project are officially endorsed by numerous  medical societies for teaching the  fundamentals of flexible bronchoscopy.
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