Essays and Opinions

The purpose of these essays and opinions is to increase awareness for the medical and nonmedical public to a broad range of subjects, related in whole or in part, to the development, practice, technology, social repercussions, or education of bronchoscopy. Each essay is critically reviewed for content, grammar, relevance and style by three volunteer editors/friends of Bronchoscopy International. Although essays written in the English language are preferred, BI recognizes that foreign language content is also crucial to enhance global communication, and therefore authors wishing to submit texts in the own language are encouraged to do so. The content of each essay and opinion is the sole opinion of the authors, and does not reflect either the opinions or positions of Bronchoscopy International on any particular subject.

Interesting Articles

These articles are provided for general interest. Many might come in handy for preparing lectures and teaching guides. Others might be found amusing and expose one to ideas, or websites that readers might otherwise have missed.
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