We are an independent and international group of physicians, educators, researchers, information technology professionals, and allied health care workers involved in bronchoscopy practice and teaching.

We strongly believe in the democratization and globalization of knowledge. Because one of our goals is to help standardize bronchoscopy related learning and standardization of practice, we have begun developing several free, on line instruments that will be available in multiple languages. The curriculum being developed includes:

  1. A Web-based Self-learning study guide.
  2. Computer-based simulations, didactic lectures, and image encyclopedia.
  3. Bronchoscopy step-by-step©: Practical exercises, skills and tasks, competency testing.
  4. Guided apprenticeship.
  5. Learning the art of Bronchoscopy through seeing, doing and teaching.

For an overview of the curriculum, please see "Curriculum for Learning Flexible Bronchoscopy" presentation.

The Essential Bronchoscopist The Essential Bronchoscopist©

A web-based series of question-answer modules to ensure awareness and acquisition of bronchoscopy-related factual knowledge.

BronchAtlas PowerPoint

Art Of Bronchoscopy©

A philosophy and means to acquire experiential knowledge about bronchoscopy.

BronchAtlas PowerPoint

BronchAtlas PowerPoint©

A collection of Powerpoint slideshows including still images, audio, and video (video currently viewable as streaming video only and cannot be downloaded). Soon to ALSO be an interactive international encyclopedia open to all.

BronchAtlas PowerPoint

Bronchoscopy Step by Step©

A set of exercises to learn and improve technical skills.

BronchAtlas PowerPoint

Bronchoscopy Assessment Tools©

A set of measurement tools to evaluate bronchoscopy technical skills and knowledge.