What is The Art of Bronchoscopy©

The Art of Bronchoscopy© is an interactive learning program that includes:

  • A philosophy based on
    • Shared practice and honest dialogue
    • A movement towards oneness
  • A collection of PowerPoint slide presentations to help
    • Gain factual knowledge about
    • Improve bronchoscopy technique
    • Assure patient safety
    • Understand equipment and instrumentation
    • Gain experiential knowledge about
    • Manage complications
    • Make diagnoses in difficult situations
    • Communicating with patients and colleagues
  • A book (work in progress)

If you have a presentation you would like to have included in a The Art of Bronchoscopy© collection, please

If you would like to translate a presentation from The Art of Bronchoscopy© collection, please feel free to do so. We would highly appreciate receiving a copy of the translated version.

If you would like to use any of the information from The Art of Bronchoscopy© collection in a training program, during lectures, or for research purposes, please feel free to do so. In case of publication or presentations, we would appreciate it if you would cite these as follows:

Bronchoscopy International: Art of Bronchoscopy©, an Electronic On-Line Multimedia Slide Presentation. www.Bronchoscopy.org/Art of Bronchoscopy/htm. Published 2005 (Please add "Date Accessed").

To learn more about The Art of Bronchoscopy©, please watch the presentation The Art of Bronchoscopy© or simply begin with part 1A.

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