What is Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step©

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© is a collection of video bronchoscopic exercise that can be used

  • To learn bronchoscopic techniques using an approach similar to learning to dance, play tennis or play a musical instrument.
  • To develop "muscle memory"
  • To develop a "systematic approach" to bronchoscopic inspection.
  • To learn how to handle the flexible bronchoscope and to accurately identify and enter lobar and segmental bronchial segments with ease.

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© can be readily mastered by experienced bronchoscopists and their students regardless of whether they perform procedures from in front of or behind the patient, and regardless of whether they use a nasal or oral approach.

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© can be used by teachers to assist them in educating their students in stages, thereby minimizing the duration of a diagnostic procedure, and lessening the procedure-related burden carried by the patient.

Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© can be used by students to facilitate laddered learning. Students move from exercise to exercise in steps until they are able to perform an entire diagnostic bronchoscopy comfortably, safely, and without assistance.

To learn more about Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step© please watch the presentation Bronchoscopy Step-by-Step©.